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Established in the year 1961, Presto Industries is a pioneer in premium hair grooming products. We are leading manufacturer & global supplier of professional hair combs worldwide.
Over the years, we have grown our portfolio from combs and brushes to personal grooming accessories for men and women. Every product from our range offers genuine care and hygiene while answering grooming and beauty needs. Driven by a strong belief in constant innovation, we continue to extend our personal and professional product lines with the highest international standards in technology and trend.
Today, the name ‘Presto’ stands for the finest quality and style.


Introducing PEGASUS combs with 100% hard rubber + FLEXINITE technology. Smart Technology now in styling combs.

The future is here. And it's sure to revolutionize the most humble of styling tools — the comb. To understand how FLEXINITE works, we need to first understand how hair styling works. Chemical treatments & Styling tools with heat break the bonds in the cortex to create desired shapes and styles. During this process, the hair strand is most sensitive and susceptible to damage. When the hair passes through a rigid teeth of regular/carbon comb, it scrapes and can break the hair strand.

To add to this damage, regular (Carbon) teeth comb are not seamless, which means that their protruding seams scrape off the protective layer of expensive hair treatments.

Presenting FLEXINITE, Smart Comb Technology that is sensitive to changing temperature. Flexinite teeth are seamless which means no damage causing protruding seams. What's more amazing is that FLEXINITE mimics hair and flexibly moves when treated with heat and chemicals; so the hair glides through smoothly with minimal hair damage! And when the comb with Flexinite cools down, FLEXINITE regains its original shape. This makes FLEXINITE one of the best technologies in the world for styling, for cutting, for helping protect the goodness of expensive hair treatments or simply to comb wet or dry hair.

FLEXINITE is light, washable, incredibly strong and colourful! Created after years of R&D by PRESTO INDUSTRIES, FLEXINITE technology in hair tools will push boundaries, allowing consumers, professionals and hair products to STYLE WITHOUT FEAR.

Style colourfully

Combs with 100% hard rubber And revolutionary new technology in As many colours as you can imagine.

The secret to everyday healthy, glamorous hair.
Introducing world-class
Glamlock Technology in your combs.

For centuries, combs have been doing a great job for your hair! Keeping it in place, helping style it, making you and your hair look good. Wrong! The truth is, your everyday comb has jagged edges and a protruding seam in every tooth. This seriously damages your hair! It scrapes and removes the protective layer of hair treatments and roughens the hair cuticles causing split ends and hair breakage. More importantly, it robs your hair of the benefits of the expensive hair products and treatments you use.

ROOTS combs are scientifically produced with GlamLock technology.

GlamLock technology with seamless teeth is the future! They do not scrape away the goodness of all the expensive hair products you use. In fact, they smoothly glide through your hair like your fingers, keeping the hair cuticles smooth, resulting in strong and healthy hair. The goodness of expensive hair products remain LOCKed, giving your hair the GLAMorous look you deserve. Furthermore, ROOTS rounded tips stimulate the scalp for healthy blood circulation and helps evenly spread your hair’s natural oils from root to tip. The result? Perfectly styled hair and a happy, massaged scalp, giving your hair natural shine. No wonder, Salon professionals across the world are recommending the use of combs with GlamLock Technology.

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