Men Hair Dressing & Styling Combs

Dressing combs are used by stylists to dress and style man hair. Man hair, unlike women’s hair, is thicker and can easily tangle. The best way to deal with this is through the use of a sturdy comb that comes with a firm grip. Men’s hair can differ in texture and volume thereby requiring specialty hair dressing combs. Across the world, we are a leading professional hair comb & brushes manufacturer, supplying gents & ladies dressing hair combs in various designs. They are ideal for all types of hair regardless of thickness and volume. The Pegasus gent’s dressing hair combs come with Flexinite technology to maintain hair health. It also ensures that the product used on hair does not slide off and remains glued to the strands. The dressing combs are not only great to style with but also trim and cut.

Men's Hair Comb


L153 X W20

Men Hair Styling Comb


L127 X W28.5

Hair Dressing Comb


L128 X W28