Ladies Hair Styling Combs

Women’s hair, unlike men’s hair, can be sensitive to heat, chemicals and styling. Therefore, they require combs that are easy to use and prevent hair breakage. We are constantly innovating in lady’s hair combs for combing, styling and teasing hair. Features include: widely spaced teeth on one end and closely spaced teeth on the other for detangling without breaking away as well as smoothening. Ideal for styling, making ponytails, buns, pleats, braids and more. Its Flexinite technology keeps hair safe from styling tools and chemicals. Now you can ‘Style without Fear’.

Ladies Styling Comb


L178 X W33

Women Hair Styling Comb


L232 X W91.5

Ladies Hair Comb


L204 X W45.5

Women Hair Comb


L212.5 X W44

Women Hair Comb


L228 X W49

Ladies Hair Styling Comb


L228 X W49