Contour Hair Styling Combs

Contour combs are used to create contours in hair while styling it and making glamorous hairstyles. Curved in the center and rounded around the edges, they glide through hair and create interesting patterns. This is especially relevant and apparent when used with styling products such as creams and gels. Our clientele is global across USA, Canada, Germany and Spain. We offer many different styles, so you can pick whatever suits your region’s hair needs the best. Our contour hair combs are made using all the best raw materials and scientifically with latest GlamLock technology for best results. There are both closely spaced and sparsely spaced contour combs to pick from which can also be used to tease back baby hair and detangle messy hair.

Roots Contour Hair Comb


L213 X W51 - T4.0

Roots Contour Hair Styling Comb


L181 X W36 - T4.0

Roots - Contour Hair Styling Comb


L167 X W33 - T3.5

Roots Contour Hair Comb


L132 X W30 - T3.5